About Us

Who we are

Investing in People Worldwide (IPW) Cameroon, is a non-profit organization with headquarters in the south west region of Cameroon. IPW creates lasting impact for vulnerable communities in fragile settings.


IPW’s mission is to build resilient communities in which women and the youth participate in sustainable development activities in order for them to attain their full potentials in societies where their rights and their dignities are respected.

We work in rural poor and crisis affected communities. Working where the needs are greatly felt in the most underserved communities, we partner with the poor to develop a strategy for the future and create more enduring pathways to stability. We are present in crisis with humanitarian relief, after the crisis we are still present with recovery and sustainable development projects for people empowerment while taking into consideration all aspects necessary for human development and sustainable inclusive community gender transformative initiatives.

Our People

Our staff and board come with different backgrounds, each with their own unique set of expertise and experience. What we all have in common is the vision of a world where people live in sustainable and inclusive communities with the assets and leadership to build a vibrant future.

Meet our Team!!!

Ruth Besong Abunaw

Founder/Executive Director

MBA-International Business

Gender and Development PhD-Fellow

Mutum Cleophas Ginyoh

Health Coordinator


Amanda Mbua

Public Relations and Resource Mobilization Officer

Mbole Fonteh Mbangwana

Protections Officer

Ewane Chrisdelly

Finance Officer

Velma Sheyen

Community Development Officer